Friday transportation open thread: Wrong ways

It turns out people are really driving less and less, yet MTC and local transportation agencies continue to push for more road capacity. What transit projects do go forward are often the ones that return the least – BART running in freeway medians and ferry service to nowhere. How can we move beyond the projects below and to more cost-effective ways to improve the Bay Area’s mode share mix? Discuss in the comments. (Once a moderator has approved you once, you don’t need approval again.)

  • Cars are the answer: For $700 million, Highway 101 north of Novato will get two new carpool lanes, which will accommodate about 1,800 more cars per day each. (IJ)
  • Go North, young BART: Pinole wants BART to study expanding north to Hercules along the I-80 corridor. Though very early, this could get the ball rolling on more suburban expansion. (West County Times)
  • Low ridership means more service: South San Francisco ferry has terrible ridership but WETA thinks adding service will boost its fortunes. Perhaps the problem isn’t just operations, but location. (Examiner)

Written by David Edmondson

David Edmondson

David is a native Marinite working in Washington, DC. He writes about how to apply smart-growth and urbanist thinking to the low-density towns of his home.

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