One more parking story: San Mateo

Bringing a little finesse to San Mateo's parking meters. Image by LornaWatt, on Flickr.

Bringing a little finesse to San Mateo’s parking meters. Image by LornaWatt, on Flickr.

Wednesday’s post on parking policy missed a happy story from San Mateo. It seems as though that city’s council is moving in the direction of variable pricing tied to transportation demand management, a plan similar to that coming from Walnut Creek.

Adina Levin of Peninsula Transportation Alternatives reports that the study session strongly recommended using pricing based on demand. Though downtown streets fill up, off-street parking remains less used. Along with branding and mobile data, San Mateo staff are hopeful this will even things out.

While the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce complained that city’s new parking policy didn’t do anything concrete for employee parking, San Mateo has an active Transportation Management Association for the downtown area, but will need another $30,000 before it will be able to offer programs.

The proliferation of parking reform strategies is encouraging. Performance parking seems to be working its way toward the mainstream.

Read Adina’s full report on Peninsula Transportation Alternatives.

Written by David Edmondson

David Edmondson

David is a native Marinite working in Washington, DC. He writes about how to apply smart-growth and urbanist thinking to the low-density towns of his home.

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