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LinkedIn wants to radically reduce driving to its new headquarters

At their presentation to Mountain View’s planning commission on September 16, LinkedIn described their plans for new headquarter buildings, where their goals are for only 35% of 8,000 employees to drive. To achieve a steep increase in sustainable commuting, LinkedIn plans to transform incentives for commuters, ending free parking, with higher prices and less convenient spots for solo drivers.

LinkedIn is still working out the details of how priced parking will work – whether it will be cash payments, or some sort of credit system that has economic costs and rewards. Commuters who don’t drive and don’t take a parking permit will get cash bonuses for not driving.

LinkedIn’s 35% drivealone target is even steeper than the 45% goal for Mountain View’s North Bayshore area as a whole.  This shows the benefits of Mountain View’s “trip cap” policy in action – LinkedIn wants a higher employee density in its new offices, so it needs to reduce driving further.

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