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Digging into the Urban Planner’s Oath

London street scene

As a part of their commemoration of Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday, the folks at StrongTowns developed a proposed oath for urban planners. As they note, the current standards for urban planners are mostly about ethics, which are certainly important, but neither cover the morality of laying out development patterns that may […]

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StrongTowns: Overview and initial encouragement

Downtown Petaluma

When I last wrote about StrongTowns, I was still smarting that an opportunity to host a StrongTowns event had been taken from Petaluma.

I remain cantankerous on the subject. But I’ve also come to realize that the StrongTowns-inclined folks in Petaluma can use the setback as a springboard to achieve more than […]

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What are the traffic costs for alternative schooling choices?

Harmar Elementary School in Harmar, Ohio

I know a young couple with two young sons who moved to the North Bay a few years back. Coming from a snowy clime, they were excited by the walkability opportunities in the more clement North Bay, particularly the possibility of the older son walking to school. So […]

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There was a time when even the Royal Society may have been considered zealots

Downtown plaza in a small New Mexico town

A challenging comment was made in response to the post I wrote about Petaluma Urban Chat looking at the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds. Although his tone was somewhat aggressive, the commenter raised a thoughtful question.

The comment was made on one of the several sites on which […]

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CNU 22: Best moments from the plenary sessions

Older homes within a walkable distance of downtown Buffalo

My recent posts have been about CNU 22, the 22nd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. CNU 22 was held in Buffalo, New York earlier this month. Continuing the theme of the last two posts (here and here), this post will also […]

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CNU 22: Techno narcissism

Former single-family home near Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, reflecting faded urban glory of Buffalo

I returned a few days ago from CNU 22, the 22nd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. The conference was filled with urbanist ideas and will lead to many blog posts. Going to a CNU annual meeting […]