Durable Growth, Environment

Freeways are polluted, but not impossibly so

by cookieevans5, on Flickr

It’s common sense that living near a freeway isn’t healthy. The pollution from the cars and grit from the roadway make for what most would term a wholly unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, the only places for infill development, not to mention quite a few BART and coming SMART stations, are near […]


The City, cinematic

Life in the City can get routine. Crowded commute turns to day at the office turns to crowded commute turns to day at home. Read, again, about bike lanes going unbuilt in San Francisco and Marin’s interminable debate over affordable housing. It’s easy to lose sight of just how beautiful a region the Bay […]


A Sonoma forest is saved

by framboise, on Flickr

The modern-day Northern California land rush to convert forests to vineyards lost some steam last month. The Preservation Ranch project, located in the northwestern hills of Sonoma County near the small hamlet of Annapolis, was a 20,000 acre proposal that would have permanently converted nearly 1,800 acres of timber forest […]

Durable Growth, Environment

How much parkland is enough?

When the subject turns to public parks, there is a truism in land-use entitlement. If a proposed development site has been used by the public for casual recreation, someone will argue that the property should instead become a park.

It doesn’t matter if the property has been owned by a family for years and they […]