Stay alert for youthful users of the street all year long

Harmar Elementary School in Harmar, Ohio

I promised a guest writer today, an expert on road diets. Unfortunately, he’s still hard at work on his post, so you’re instead stuck with me. The road diet post, or hopefully two, will run next week.

But it’s okay that today’s authorship reverted to me because I […]

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The cost of a car-oriented world: Suspended licenses don’t mean what they once did

Today, I’ll write about suspended drivers’ licenses. It’s a topic that may seem unconnected to urbanism, but the linkages are surprisingly robust.

A few days ago, there was a major traffic accident on the freeway just north of my town. It was a chain reaction that began when the driver of a car carrier, in […]


“Twenty is Plenty” is more than a clever rhyme

The subject promised for today has been shoved aside in favor of a subject that abruptly gained urgency.

I’ve previously written about the “Twenty is Plenty” movement. Adherents promote the argument that most vehicular speeds within towns should be limited to twenty miles per hour. It’s a crusade that has gained a foothold in […]

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Perusing the Grand Jury report

County courthouse in Tennessee

The local newspaper recently included the final 2015-16 report from the Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury. I’m not an expert on grand jury reports, with my interest normally limited to a hope that my name isn’t somewhere in the report. However, this report seemed nicely structured and written. Concise, to […]

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Revisiting transit integration

Petaluma Transit bus

The powers that control the ebb, flow, and cross-currents of urbanism have apparently decreed that this is my week to ponder the integration of transit systems.

Later today, I’ll participate in a subcommittee meeting of the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee. It‘ll be our final work session before an August public vetting […]

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Taking the next step – Opportunities to get involved during the week of July 10

We may not yet be in the doldrums of summer, but they seem to be getting closer. There is only a handful of interesting meetings next week and those are more about information than urbanist advocacy. But information remains power, so I hope to see familiar faces as I gather information.

Meetings this Week

Sonoma-Marin […]

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CNU 24: Getting around Detroit

Downtown Detroit and the Detroit River

Being newly returned from the annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism, CNU 24, I have pages of notes to review, with the goals of extracting the best quotes and stories to share and also of reminding myself about the subjects into which I should dig […]

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Link-Fest: Rail transit

A SMART train nearly ready to roll

Rail transit is coming to the North Bay! I know that’s old news, but I still like saying it. Rail transit is coming to the North Bay!

I’ve long been in a love affair with rail transit. Perhaps it was the early years of my career, riding […]

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It’s time to be mature, deliberate civic mentors

Historic train station in Petaluma

Sometime in the next few weeks, SMART will begin running their full schedule of trains. All thirty daily runs, fifteen southbound and fifteen northbound. No passengers will be aboard, but otherwise the operation will be identical to the future passenger service. Proving up the system with this full-scale multi-week […]

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The train is coming, are we ready?

SMART train in shop

I’ve written before about Friends of SMART. The citizen advocacy group was active in the initial formulation and voter approval of SMART, the coming commuter rail system for the North Bay. They’ve continued to provide encouragement and occasional constructive criticism as the SMART moved into construction and now nears operation.