Durable Growth

The justification for civic amenities

Gateway Arch under construction. Image from AP, 1965, on NPR.

A loyal reader (it’s a required duty for younger sisters) recently emailed me with a question. She provided a link to a National Public Radio story on the history of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. She asked my thoughts on the question posed […]

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Marin environmentalism is at odds with itself

by jonathan_moreau, on Flickr

Marin’s environmentalists recently released the 2013 version of Community Marin (PDF), an outline of priorities for how to conserve Marin County’s character and environment while still addressing the challenges of commuting and growth.

Though the plan makes bold recommendations for development and transportation – most prominently restrictions on greenfield development […]

Durable Growth

Markets are the best path to affordable housing

Boston, with 53 units per acre of pure character and almost nothing over 4 stories. Image from Google Maps via Placemakers.

It’s no secret that the cost to buy or rent a home in the Bay Area is extremely high and rising. Thanks to a regional economic rebound and renewed interest in the kind […]