Durable Growth

Despite problems, Brooklyn Basin is a win for Oakland

from Signature Development

Soon, new apartments and shops will rise from a benighted corner of Oakland. Thanks to a cash infusion from China, the Brooklyn Basin project (née Oak to Ninth) seems like a good deal for the city and for urbanists fighting for a more walkable, livable East Bay. Though it has problems, […]


Friday transportation open thread: Wrong ways

It turns out people are really driving less and less, yet MTC and local transportation agencies continue to push for more road capacity. What transit projects do go forward are often the ones that return the least – BART running in freeway medians and ferry service to nowhere. How can we move beyond the […]


Chronicle’s BRT smear hides the truth

by AC Transit, from Oakland Local

AC Transit’s proposed East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line got a cheap kick in the gut yesterday from the Chronicle’s Matier & Ross. The duo took aim at the cost of BRT, a “jaw-dropping $18.7 million per mile.” but didn’t take a minute to compare the project […]