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Towns can overbuild more than infrastructure

Kannapolis City Hall

In writing about the best moments from CNU 24, the annual gathering of urbanists held in Detroit earlier this year, I quoted Andres Duany on the role of public buildings, “Urbanist codes should cover residential, commercial, and office buildings, but not public buildings. It’s in public buildings where architects should be […]

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CNU 24: Best moments, part 2

Lobby of Detroit’s Guardian Building

When I last wrote about the best quotes from CNU 24, the annual conference of the Congress for the New Urbanism recently conducted in Detroit, I thought I had covered the entirety of the first day speech by Andres Duany. I should have looked on the back of my […]

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CNU 24: Best moments, Part 1

Campus Martius Park in the heart of downtown Detroit

Since my return from CNU 24, the annual gathering of the Congress for the New Urbanism recently concluded in Detroit, I’ve written about minor but inconvenient challenges of getting around town on foot and by transit and about a walk through the heart of downtown. […]

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Stories from CNU 23: The insulating effect of cars and the forces behind gentrification

Architectural detail on Adolphus Hotel

The Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds update I had hoped to deliver today hasn’t yet come to pass. Instead, I’ll continue reporting about ideas that caught my attention at the recently completed 23rd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. This will be my third summary, with previous posts […]

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CNU 23: First impressions

Public art in Dallas

I’ve recently returned from the 23rd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. As always, I return wearied by the long days crammed with information and insights, but full of enthusiasm and new ideas that I’m eager to bring to bear on North Bay land-use issues.

My plan […]

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Intro to urbanism, part ten: Summing up, further reading, and an example life

Waiting for a table at a Brooklyn pizzeria

One of my favorite college memories, at least among those I can share publicly, is from my senior year. I was in the living room of my student apartment, reclining in a beanbag chair, enjoying an Oly, and listening as I copied a vinyl album onto […]

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CNU 22: The redemption of Ebenezer Howard

Walkable residential in Buffalo

A couple of posts back, in my effort to educate a commenter about the breadth of urbanist study, I noted that Ebenezer Howard was a difficult person to place in the history of urbanism. Although never a professional planner, Howard nonetheless made significant contributions. But at the same time, he […]

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CNU 22: The state of planning on both sides of the Atlantic

Downtown Buffalo building and adjoining streetcar construction

For now, this will be my last post about CNU 22, the 22nd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism that was conducted in Buffalo earlier this month. After today, I’ll move closer to home and write about subjects of more immediate importance to the […]

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Allocating sidewalk width

Poorly allocated sidewalk

For the past few months, Petaluma Urban Chat has been reading “The Smart Growth Manual” by Andres Duany, Jeff Speck, and Mike Lydon. Unfortunately, our discussions were disjointed because we had several speakers scheduled over the same period.

It was a shame that we couldn’t focus more effectively because the book […]

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Popsicle Index

In his plenary address at CNU 21, Andres Duany argued that urbanism had become the new paradigm. That urbanism was now the yardstick against which individuals and firms measured themselves. Duany contended that people and firms who worked in land use, particularly urban land use, defined themselves by whether or not they wrote Smart codes, […]