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Andres Duany: Ego not optional

Andres Duany

I recently attended a meeting about a North Bay land-use project. As the group assembled and exchanged greetings, one of the participants noted a copy of “The Smart Growth Manual” on the table. He pointed to the name of Andres Duany on the cover and made a derogatory comment about the size […]

Durable Growth

Is urbanism legal in the North Bay?

Urban district in Omaha

In The Smart Growth Manual by Andres Duany and Jeff Speck with Mike Lydon, Point 1.13 is “Legalizing Smart Growth”. The authors write, “Suburban sprawl must be recognized as the default development pattern. … the principal cause is that in most places smart growth is technically illegal.” They go on […]

Durable Growth

An encyclopedia of advocacy

Salt Lake City transit stop

“The Smart Growth Manual” by Andres Duany and Jeff Speck, with assistance from Mike Lydon, is an odd little book. Indeed, calling it a book might be a stretch. It’s really more of a compact encyclopedia. An encyclopedia of urbanism.

(Usage note: The authors share a concern I’ve previously […]