Durable Growth

Can Bates Outsmart Anti-Growthers, Again?

Downtown Berkeley. By Kevin Gong, on Flickr.

For much of the past decade, anti-growth activists have been working overtime to block development in downtown Berkeley. But they’ve suffered a series of setbacks, losing key elections and city council votes. They haven’t given up, however, and are now pushing a November ballot measure […]

Durable Growth

Marin’s cities are growing fast, too

Last month, we reported that Marin’s population grew much faster in 2013 than it had historically, up 1 percent rather than the historical average of 0.2 percent. Last week, the US Census released numbers for cities and towns, and the numbers show an equally sunny trend.

Cities and town populations grew an average of 1.1 […]


Self-driving electric cars are a false panacea

The future!

Cars are the future. They will free us from the constraints of train schedules, allow us to live in nature, and live fuller lives. This was the premise behind the Golden Gate Bridge, and the result was nearly the wholesale destruction of West Marin’s wilderness. Today’s, the argument continues among anti-city activists […]