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Reflections on being a nincompoop

Current Petaluma athletic field

Early in the history of this blog, I wrote about three key steps on my path to becoming an urbanist. One of those was being exposed to pioneering baseball statistical analyst Bill James when still at an impressionable age. (I was probably in my mid-20s.)

Baseball number-crunching may seem a […]

Durable Growth

River Front: Sorting through the arguments

Turf athletic field at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma

In a pair of recent posts, I introduced River Front, a proposed mixed-use project within the Central Petaluma Specific Plan, and wrote about the controversy that developed over whether the athletic field proposed by the applicant should be natural grass or artificial turf.

I closed the […]

Durable Growth

River Front: Neighborhood park or community sports field?

Turf athletic field at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma

In my last post, I introduced the proposed River Front mixed-use project in Petaluma. My initial intention was to describe the project, to introduce the element of the project that became controversial, and to provide my perspective on the controversy.

It was a subject that I […]