Durable Growth

Stories from CNU 23: The insulating effect of cars and the forces behind gentrification

Architectural detail on Adolphus Hotel

The Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds update I had hoped to deliver today hasn’t yet come to pass. Instead, I’ll continue reporting about ideas that caught my attention at the recently completed 23rd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. This will be my third summary, with previous posts […]

Durable Growth, Transportation

Driving downtown in my toaster oven

I took ownership of my brand-new Prius during the third week of April 2005, so its ten-year anniversary is nigh. It’s been a remarkably good car, probably the best car buying decision of my life, although spending several years behind the wheel of a 1965 Mustang gets honorable mention.

The Prius has needed few repairs […]