Durable Growth

Catching a ballgame with the car still in the driveway

Elizabethton ballpark

Baseball is my game. Not to play, curve balls were always a mystery to me, but to enjoy, whether in a ballpark or through a boxscore. I avidly follow the football and basketball fortunes of my alma mater, but I’m more alive in the spring and summer when baseball is being played.


Durable Growth

Changing views of cars over fifty years

Home ballpark of the Tennessee Smokies, of the same league as the contemporary Birmingham Barons

With a pair of friends, I take an annual vacation organized around minor league baseball. With big breakfasts in the mornings, brewpubs in the afternoons, and minor league ballparks in the evenings, and with a few urbanist sightseeing stops […]

Durable Growth

Accepting change, in baseball and in land use

Willie Mays Plaza in front of AT&T Park, San Francisco

Craig Calcaterra, a baseball writer with NBC Sports, recently wrote about the acceptance of change. He was specifically writing about changes within the game of baseball, but his conclusions can be applied to other areas of human endeavor, such as land use.

The article […]

Durable Growth

Arriving at the turnstile by public transit

Albert Park in San Rafael

The official Opening Day game of Major League Baseball has already been played. Over the next week, the other Major League teams and most minor league teams will also begin their regular seasons. With college teams having already played twenty or more games, it’s a fine time of year […]

Durable Growth

Don’t be a vacuum cleaner guy

I’m going to wax philosophical today. I’ve been writing this blog long enough to know that doing so isn’t going to change the world. And that’s okay. If I change the way just one person thinks about the land-use process, or about life, then I’ll have had a good day.

Many years ago, I was […]

Durable Growth

Clinging to the past

Minor league ballpark in Asheville, North Carolina

As I publish this, I’m in the final days of a vacation. Every year, I meet friends for a week of minor league baseball, regional food, and enjoyable beverages. (The friends also humor me by agreeing to look at cool downtowns and walkable neighborhoods.)

This year, we […]

Durable Growth

Debating the new normal in Petaluma

Downtown Petaluma

Like many cities across the country, Petaluma may put a proposed tax increase on the November ballot. The great recession took a big chunk of the municipal budget and the economic recovery, although stronger than many had feared, hasn’t provided adequate revenue to address backlogged needs, some of which date from before […]

Durable Growth

Combining baseball and downtowns in 2014

A senior league playing on Doubleday Field in Cooperstown

I intend to fully celebrate the connection of baseball and urbanism in 2014. I hope readers can join me for a game or two.

Every spring I struggle with how I feel about baseball versus urbanism. On one hand, baseball takes up a lot of […]

Durable Growth

Cornfields not always the best ballparks

Werner Park and adjoining hayfield

I love the movie “Field of Dreams”. Many consider it overly sentimental, but I put it up there with “Bull Durham” as one of my two favorite baseball movies.

Much of the allure of “Field of Dreams” is the setting in an Iowa cornfield. For the movies, baseball in […]