Marin bike share attracts sponsors without a station in the ground

Bay Area Bike Share. Image by Andrew Nash, on Flickr

Over a year ago I reported that Marin was pondering a bike share program of its own, whether as a branch of Bay Area Bike Share (BABS) or as its own independent system. Though the initial study (performed by Alta) had some problems with […]


A concession model for Bay Area Bike Share

by sfbike, on Flickr

The official money hunt for a broader Bay Area Bike Share (BABS) program is now on. Citizens are asking if BAAQMD, the project’s lead agency, will find a sponsor for the system. Could cities pay for it themselves?

Bike share programs tend to attract a lot of positive attention soon […]


A fragmented BABS is bad for the region

Image from Flickr

UPDATED: Well, the BABS website has been updated saying that San Francisco and the rest of the system are separate, in that you can’t bike from SF to other parts of the system, nor vice versa. But if you wanted to, say, bike from San Jose to Mountain View, you could […]


Bike share for the ferry terminals

Bike racks on the Larkspur ferry.

Last week, Bay area Bike Share (BABS) launched to some fanfare. Caltrain commuters and residents in a few neighborhoods along the Peninsula and in San Francisco can now bike to or from transit, making the first and last mile a bit easier.

Calls for a broader bike share […]


Bay Area Bike Share is for the suburbanite, too

from BABS

Annual memberships for Bay Area Bike Share (which will probably end up being known as BABS) went on sale this week for $88. The bike-sharing service, which will launch in San Francisco and along the Peninsula this year, could dramatically change how the western Bay Area moves around. For those in the […]