Durable Growth

I’m gonna make my own college list

University of California Campanile from Sproul Plaza

During the 1970s, I couldn’t have told you what an urbanist was. Perhaps someone who studied the gum stuck on the bottom of park benches. Or maybe someone who documented the different types of sewer manhole lids. I had no idea.

But I knew I loved living […]

Durable Growth

Can Bates Outsmart Anti-Growthers, Again?

Downtown Berkeley. By Kevin Gong, on Flickr.

For much of the past decade, anti-growth activists have been working overtime to block development in downtown Berkeley. But they’ve suffered a series of setbacks, losing key elections and city council votes. They haven’t given up, however, and are now pushing a November ballot measure […]


Transit widens youthful horizons

Petaluma Transit bus

In my last post, I wrote about the role of pedestrian outings, especially those that include slightly daring retail purchases, in widening the experiences of youths, helping them become familiar with their environment and putting them on paths to more productive and contented lives.

But on foot, or even on bicycle, […]

Durable Growth

College urbanism

Clocktower in Iowa State’s Campus Town

While traveling in the Midwest this past summer, my traveling companion and I took a day trip to Ames, Iowa, home of Iowa State.

Sidenote: On the freeway between Des Moines and Ames, we noted an exit for “High Trestle”. It sounded vaguely interesting, but not intriguing enough […]

Durable Growth, Government

The zoning board should not be our nanny

2701 Shattuck. Image from the developer.

There’s an apartment building being debated in Berkeley, and it’s not a bad proposal. At 60 feet tall, it would be about as tall as other buildings facing Shattuck. 2701 Shattuck would include 70 studio apartments (PDF), ranging in size from 307 to 344 square feet. It’s close […]