Durable Growth, Transportation

Canadian television looks at urbanism, public health, and mobility

With the “Intro to Urbanism” in the rear view mirror, I’ll let Canadian television carry the ball today with a 19-minute program that touches upon two different aspects of urbanism, both introduced by folks I’ve often mentioned in this blog.

First, Charles Montgomery, author of “Happy City”, talks about the public health implications of living […]

Durable Growth

Intro to urbanism, part ten: Summing up, further reading, and an example life

Waiting for a table at a Brooklyn pizzeria

One of my favorite college memories, at least among those I can share publicly, is from my senior year. I was in the living room of my student apartment, reclining in a beanbag chair, enjoying an Oly, and listening as I copied a vinyl album onto […]

Durable Growth

Once again, it’s time to reflect and to plan

Millennium Park, Chicago

With the hours of 2013 rapidly dwindling, this post was to be about my urbanist resolutions for the New Year. So I began by dividing my goals into two stacks, urbanist and personal, a task that seemed logical to me at the time.

And then Brent Toderian illuminated the error in […]