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For good government, ideas must roam freely

Oregon vista

Many readers have likely had experiences similar to mine when it comes to sharing new concepts. I’ll think through a thorny problem, find an alternative perspective to the conundrum, and use that perspective to find an unexpected solution. But when I first share the idea, perhaps in a meeting where other’s thoughts […]

Durable Growth, Government

The Brown Act: Final thoughts

A typical small town main street

Over recent posts, I’ve become ensnared by a daisy chain of subjects. I argued in favor of the tax measures on November ballots in many communities. My argument was “We built this stuff, we really should take care of it.”

That stance led me to a proactive argument […]

Durable Growth, Government

The Brown Act: An analogy and a couple of anecdotes

Urban street scene in London

In my last post, I began expounding on my theory that the Brown Act, California’s open meeting law, is a source of government inefficiency. I wasn’t suggesting that open meetings are a bad idea, but only arguing the Brown Act, as it has come to be written and interpreted, […]

Durable Growth, Government

Government inefficiency: Ralph M. Brown isn’t blameless

Urban setting in Boston

In recent weeks, I’ve been writing about the upcoming elections, including the tax measures on many ballots that would buttress municipal solvency in the aftermath of the great recession. Among my subjects was a pre-emptive argument against those who would offer government inefficiency as grounds for voting against tax measures.