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April Fools’ Day – Part 2

Mexican Mural, Image from The Guardian

As described in my last post, I use April Fools’ Day as an excuse to do a yearly summing up of the most whimsical and quirky urbanist stories I’ve stumbled across over the past year. In the last post, I counted down from #24 to #19. Today, I’ll […]


New GGT schedule cuts Route 80, but more could be done


In GGT’s quarterly schedule adjustment, the agency will do as it planned this past summer and cut the long-suffering Route 80, a plodding local bus route that stopped at every bus stop from San Francisco to Santa Rosa. However, Highway 101 service could use more tweaks to better integrate Route 71 and other lines south […]


New service comes to GGT today, but nothing restored

Image from Golden Gate Transit.

The latest schedule adjustment to GGT’s buses goes into effect today, and it offers mixed news for commuters. While GGT did expand service between San Francisco and Sonoma on the 101X, service cuts from earlier this summer remain in effect. In short, this adjustment is somewhat of a wash.



More frequency or bigger buses for commuters?

A new GGT MCI D4500CT commuter bus. Image from Wikipedia

Golden Gate Transit’s (GGT) Route 72X and other commuter buses are packed, and their ridership is rising, up 3% this year. With tolls set to increase on the Golden Gate Bridge, the problem could get even worse. While more transit riders is a good […]