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Induced traffic induces more support

Induced traffic has been a regular topic of this blog, most recently three months ago when I wrote about peak spreading, a first cousin to induced traffic.

But induced traffic, the well-founded theory that road capacity creates car trips regardless of population changes, bears regular revisiting because its implications are a key motivating force behind […]

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Making good urbanist decisions with less kerfuffle

Typical pedestrian rail crossing

Coming up in days is a public hearing in Santa Rosa on a proposed Jennings Avenue pedestrian crossing of the railroad tracks. The hearing is worth the attention of those who support walkable urbanism. But urbanists should also be concerned about the extended process that led to the hearing, a […]

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Correctly targeting blame toward CEQA

Uptown neighborhood of Dallas

I spent the first decade of my career working in hydroelectric development. Not the big stuff, like Hoover Dam or Grand Coulee Dam, but the little stuff, often the retrofitting of turbines onto existing dams to take advantage of the increasing value of electricity. (I had a small role in […]

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Teamwork: Bad example #1

Theatre District in Buffalo, a fine urban setting

Two months ago, I wrote about the need for good teamwork as a requirement for effective urbanism. Further cogitation led me to realize that I had good examples from my own career of the point I was trying to make. Or perhaps I should say bad […]