Durable Growth

Are we still willing to make sacrifices for our children?

Ohio courthouse

Looking through my archives, I can’t find evidence that I’ve ever written about my paternal grandmother. The omission shouldn’t be surprising, it’s hard to draw a line between Harriet Spear and urbanism, but it’s still a shame. She lived a life that shouldn’t be forgotten. Today, I’ve found a way to draw […]

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Reconciling urbanist road maps

Homes within walking distance of downtown Buffalo

In news that will likely come as a surprise to many, the name of this blog is “Where Do We Go from Here?” Seriously, it is. If you’re looking at my home blog site, you’ll see the name at the top of page. Blue letters on a […]

Durable Growth

StrongTowns visits CNU 21

Urban scene from Brooklyn

Those who have read this blog for awhile are familiar with the StrongTowns organization from Minnesota. I mentioned their website and other materials frequently earlier this year. I’ve referred to them less frequently in recent months, but that’s mostly because I’ve integrated much of their thinking into my views on […]