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Becoming a city-centric traveler

Pedestrian way along the Grand Canal in Venice

A few months back I wrote about a sudden insight. After a lifetime of measuring travel by number of states and countries visited, I realized that counting cities was more meaningful.

In retrospect, I’m disappointed that I was so slow to get that point. Much of […]

Durable Growth, Government

Getting seconded with authority

Financial District in Manhattan

A few posts back, while poking fun at my habit of tallying the states I’ve visited, I suggested that counting cities was a more appropriate measure of travel because cities have been more important to civilization.

The heart of my argument was “The history of civilization begins with Babylon, Athens, […]

Durable Growth, Government

Acting independently from Sacramento and Washington

Downtown Healdsburg

A consistent theme of this blog is that drivable suburbia is largely the result of top-down directives. I argue that cities, more so than states or nations, have an intuitive understanding of how civilization should be organized, an understanding that was ignored during the post World War II building boom.

(I’m currently […]