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Tidying up the urbanist loose ends

Historic train depot in Petaluma

There always seems to something further that can be written on past topics. Today will be a day to add supplement details to past discussions on transit funding, Petaluma Urban Chat, City Repair, and curvy bike paths.

Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee: As previously described, the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee, […]

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Pondering City Repair Petaluma and the small successes it may have helped feed

Sharing library at 638 E Street

In the fall of 2013, a small group came together to consider the possibilities of City Repair Petaluma.

The City Repair idea began in Portland, Oregon and has spread to communities across the west. City Repair is based the possibility of community improvements, on public property, that would […]

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City Repair: Who are these people and why am I hanging out with them?

Walkable neighborhood in Marysville, California

In my last three posts, I wrote about the concept of City Repair, a Petaluma effort at City Repair, and possible types of City Repair projects. All of this was a build-up to an approaching joint meeting of Petaluma Urban Chat and City Repair Petaluma. (Final reminder: Tomorrow, Tuesday […]

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City Repair: Ponder the possibilities

Napa neighborhood

In recent posts, I’ve acquainted readers with City Repair, an organizational approach to grass-roots neighborhood improvements. I’ve also introduced a fledgling City Repair effort in Petaluma. Today, I’ll write about the kind of projects a City Repair group might tackle.

Intersections are logical places for neighborhood improvements. Between the cross-traffic and the […]

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City Repair: Petaluma

Intersection repair from wweek.com

In my last post, I wrote about City Repair and their approach to neighborhood self-improvement.

A point that I should have made is that, because City Repair projects have few sources of funding except for the neighbors themselves, projects tend to be low-cost and labor-intensive. Of necessity, City Repair projects […]

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City Repair: The concept and the book

Intersection project (from Streets Wiki)

Urbanism has many facets, but walkability is integral to most of them. A goal of much of my blogging is encouraging more new walkable urban development. I also write about enhancing walkability in places where it exists, but is flawed.

It’s also imperative to add walkability to existing neighborhoods […]

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A city trying to rediscover happiness

Historic Buffalo

Leo Tolstoy’s most famous quote may be “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” (For those who haven’t studied Russian literature, it’s the first line in “Anna Karenina”.)

In the forty years since I first read that line, I’ve found it to be usually […]