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CNU 24: Getting around Detroit

Downtown Detroit and the Detroit River

Being newly returned from the annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism, CNU 24, I have pages of notes to review, with the goals of extracting the best quotes and stories to share and also of reminding myself about the subjects into which I should dig […]

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Were none of us ever kids?

I recently recounted the story of a Petaluma land use hearing during which I missed an opportunity to suggest a project change that should have been obvious to me as an urbanist.

The hearing addressed a proposed apartment complex. An element of the project was repainting the fronting street to reduce the travel lanes from […]

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Not every expenditure is an investment, even if it involves beer

Dublin Pub (photo by Petaluman David Powers)

Long-time readers, at least those with good long-term memories, will recall when I grumbled about the American Society of Civil Engineers and their incessant carping about the need to “invest” in infrastructure.

The summary is that ASCE issues frequent studies proclaiming the need for government “investment” in […]


Stopping for pedestrians

Typical North Bay arterial

A reader recently asked for my advice about adding crosswalk markings in his community. I provided contact information for a key contact in his town. But I also provided a warning about the response he might receive.

The crosswalk location of interest to him seemed, at first glance, to be […]

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April Fool’s Day 2014

Urbanism doesn’t necessarily lend itself to practical jokes but, like most realms of human endeavor, it has the potential for quirkiness and whimsy. That’s close enough for me to offer a quarterly urbanist celebration of April Fool’s Day. Of course, this quarter I can celebrate the real April Fool’s Day.

In this post, I’ll look […]