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Like a trick birthday candle, an old urbanism debate flickers back to life

This story has its roots in the days when I was just beginning to grasp urbanism. It’s a story about which I’ve offered details here and there during the history of this blog, although the full story can wait until the unlikely day when I write my memoirs. But there are always more aspects to […]

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Northern California tour: Woodland is a familiar story

Building in downtown Woodland

A week ago, I began recounting a daytrip I took through Northern California. I set an itinerary to take quick looks at destinations that I thought would offer urbanist insights. My first stop was breakfast and a refresher tour in Suisun City, the site of extensive and well-conceived urban redevelopment […]

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Trying too hard and trying too little are both flawed approaches

Crescent Drive in Pleasant Hill

I recently made a day trip to the East Bay. My business required only a couple of hours, so I stretched my outing to look at the downtowns of Pleasant Hill and Pleasanton. The choice of destinations, which was based a bit on logistical convenience and a bit on […]