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False environmentalism: A Tennessee example

Banquet hall at Fontanel

I recently wrote that urbanism is one of the most powerful approaches to environmentalism, a fact that often seems forgotten in the rush to rooftop solar, greywater systems, and electric cars.  All of those other environmentally-beneficial tools are great and I fully encourage their application, but their function is often […]

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Getting urbanism wrong: Transit-adjacency

Richmond BART

In my last couple of posts, I argued that urbanism is a potent form of environmentalism, but one that can be easily misapplied. And then I offered examples of urbanism, and environmentalism, gone sideways.

I’ll finish this three-part journey into the environmentalism of urbanism with a look at the potential, and the […]


Getting urbanism wrong: From the environmentally inadequate to the environmentally oblivious

Townhomes near downtown Chattanooga

In my last post, I argued that urbanism is a form of environmentalism. I further argued that it may be one of the most potent and universally accessible types of environmentalism. I believe that many people already understood this, but I also believe that the understanding sometimes gets lost at […]

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Even if I’m unsure what to call myself, urbanism is environmentalism

Downtown Nashville

After years of aversion therapy, I don’t readily accept the word “environmentalist” being applied to me. Instead, my immediate reaction is disavowal, followed only slowly by grudging and partial acknowledgment. But I nonetheless bristle when, as happens too often, someone tries to exclude urbanism from environmentalism. I know my two positions are […]

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Andres Duany: Ego not optional

Andres Duany

I recently attended a meeting about a North Bay land-use project. As the group assembled and exchanged greetings, one of the participants noted a copy of “The Smart Growth Manual” on the table. He pointed to the name of Andres Duany on the cover and made a derogatory comment about the size […]

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Marin environmentalism is at odds with itself

by jonathan_moreau, on Flickr

Marin’s environmentalists recently released the 2013 version of Community Marin (PDF), an outline of priorities for how to conserve Marin County’s character and environment while still addressing the challenges of commuting and growth.

Though the plan makes bold recommendations for development and transportation – most prominently restrictions on greenfield development […]