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Stories from CNU 23: The insulating effect of cars and the forces behind gentrification

Architectural detail on Adolphus Hotel

The Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds update I had hoped to deliver today hasn’t yet come to pass. Instead, I’ll continue reporting about ideas that caught my attention at the recently completed 23rd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. This will be my third summary, with previous posts […]

Durable Growth

Google buses: More voices offer more opinions

I’ve previously written that the Google bus controversy, far from proving that urbanism is a flawed strategy, is instead an indictment of our tardiness in embracing urbanism. I’ve also begun sampling some of the other voices that are commenting on the issue. The further voices may not always agree with my thinking, but most put […]

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Palo Alto turns down nonprofit senior housing

Palo Alto: for rich seniors only. By Andrew Mager, on Flickr.

The rejection of 8 Washington in San Francisco has the region’s urbanists feeling pretty down. Rather than help ease the housing shortage, the story of 8 Washington will simply add to the risk faced by developers who might want to add housing to […]

Durable Growth

Germantown and a Possible Flood of Dollars

Germantown For Sale Sign

I had a spare afternoon in Nashville two years ago. As is my preference when I have free time in an unfamiliar city, I looked around for urbanism. I stumbled into the Germantown neighborhood, a comfortable enclave of older brick homes. There was also a scattering of newer wood-sided homes […]