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North Bay great streets: Yountville and Napa

Vintage building on Main Street in Napa

Early in the holiday season, I made a plan to visit much of the North Bay seeking out great streets. My criteria were to be the great street standards as set forth by the Project for Public Spaces.

Within the constraints of short visits, not all of […]

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North Bay great streets: Calistoga and St. Helena

Downtown Calistoga

The cessation of the December rains and the conclusion of Christmas festivities finally allowed me to resume my review of great streets in the North Bay.

As I wrote when setting forth the rules for my holiday season quest, I planned to travel throughout the North Bay, identifying in each city the […]

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Searching the North Bay for great streets

Near the Sonoma Plaza

I’ve often written that the blog is about urbanism in the entire North Bay. And yet, when I focus on site-specific topics, most are in Petaluma.

There are two reasons for being Petaluma-centric. First, I live in Petaluma and am active in some lesser arenas of city government, so Petaluma […]