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Why Haystack Landing can’t be everything to everybody

Aerial view of Haystack Landing site

Last time, I wrote about the tentatively-named Haystack Landing, a proposed mixed-use project, with residential over retail, midway between downtown Petaluma and the coming SMART train station. Although I demurred slightly on the architecture, I was mostly thrilled with the project, with my principal wish being that ground-breaking […]

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Haystack Landing by any other name would fill the need as well

Aerial view of Haystack Landing site

Long-time Petaluma residents may remember the proposed Haystack Landing project, sited midway between downtown and the future SMART station, bounded by E. Washington, Weller, D, and Copeland Streets.

Over a great many years, the former owner of the property put forth a great many alternative plans for the […]

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Highlighting the guideposts on the path toward a better future

Petaluma River in downtown Petaluma

The Petaluma City Council holds an annual goal-setting session, a seven-hour Saturday marathon that was conducted a few days ago.

Several Councilmembers occasionally follow this blog, but I still thought it appropriate to remind the Council about some of the goals I’ve suggested for Petaluma over past few years, […]