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Further thoughts on “Hero”, lane widths, and civic independence

Some blog posts, including ones I thought were insightful and original, quickly fade in the rearview mirror of time. Others, often to my surprise, gather speed in the weeks after publication, with new readers, feedback, and information on the topic arriving regularly.

(By reader count, my most popular post ever, by a factor of ten, […]

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Acting independently from Sacramento and Washington

Downtown Healdsburg

A consistent theme of this blog is that drivable suburbia is largely the result of top-down directives. I argue that cities, more so than states or nations, have an intuitive understanding of how civilization should be organized, an understanding that was ignored during the post World War II building boom.

(I’m currently […]

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Balancing tourism and urbanism

River Inn, Memphis, Tennessee

Last year, a group of Sonoma citizens put forth a ballot measure to limit downtown hotel development in their city. I was generally supportive of their goal, but disliked how the measure was structured.

I feared that setting a maximum hotel size and prohibiting new hotel development until high occupancy […]

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Walkable urban hotels and Sonoma’s Measure B

River Inn at Harbor Town

The joint meeting of City Repair Petaluma and Petaluma Urban Chat is finally behind us. It was an enthusiastic and productive meeting. I’ll offer a summary in my next post.

For now, I’ll return to the subject I’d broached before City Repair began my primary focus, tourism versus urbanism. […]

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Downtown plazas: The Petaluma reality

Healdsburg Square

Healdsburg Plaza was recently named one of the thirteen most beautiful town squares in the U.S. Rankings like these are popularity contests. And it seems odd to name thirteen squares. Ten, twelve, or fifteen would have all been more conventional counts.

But those quibbles aside, Healdsburg Square is a lovely place. I […]

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Anti-harassment regulations fight real dangers

Photo from Bike Ridr

Photo from Bike Ridr

As bicycling use has exploded in the last few years around the Bay Area, animus between drivers and bikers has flared. Of course, while bikers can get upset at drivers, bikers typically can’t threaten the life of a driver. Drivers, by using the vehicle in reckless ways, can, and laws […]