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Changing the ground rules to cease subsidizing sprawl

In my last post, I took the post-recession temperature of sprawl. I was checking the hypothesis that sprawl had succumbed to changing housing desires about the time the recession took hold.

Although I found evidence that that sprawl isn’t the dominant paradigm that it had once been, I also found evidence that it still lingered, […]

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Urbanism and senior living: Making downtown options happen

Downtown building in Padua, Italy

In recent posts, I’ve been writing about how walkable urban settings can be good places to live one’s later years. Most recently, I offered a few insights about senior lifestylesthat might find a home in downtowns.

It’s a subject of both general and personal interest to me. I think […]

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From today to TOD – Impact fees

Walkable Downtown. Photo from the author.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about the hurdles of converting from drivable suburban to walkable urban, with particular reference to the pending Petaluma Station Area Plan. I’ve discoursed on subjects as varied as parking, adjoining properties, and transitional uses. Today, as I near conclusion, I’ll grapple […]