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Induced traffic induces more support

Induced traffic has been a regular topic of this blog, most recently three months ago when I wrote about peak spreading, a first cousin to induced traffic.

But induced traffic, the well-founded theory that road capacity creates car trips regardless of population changes, bears regular revisiting because its implications are a key motivating force behind […]

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Induced traffic, congestion, and peak spreading redux

I’ve written often about induced traffic and its near cousin congestion. But they’re topics for which the lessons are non-intuitive and therefore bear frequent repetition. There were times in my life when I would have looked askance at the concept of induced traffic and been in personal need of recurring lessons. (I’ve learned to be […]

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Rainier Connector: Why not now?

West end of Rainier Connector alignment

In my last post, I wrote about a topic that was to come before the Petaluma City Council on the evening of August 3. The Council will decide whether the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Rainier Connector, a proposed arterial that would augment the traffic grid […]

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Rainier Connector: When neither yes nor no meets the need

Alignment of proposed Rainier Connector

If memory serves, I was nine years old when my father introduced me to the possibility of questions having implicit but flawed propositions. The example he used was “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Because our brains perceive a simple yes/no answer as acceptance of the proposition, questions like […]

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Induced traffic comes in different flavors

E. Washington Street in Petaluma

On several earlier occasions, I’ve written about the phenomenon of induced traffic. In one post, I used a hypothetical Yosemite campground to illustrate the theory. Several months before that, I yielded the floor to walkability expert Jeff Speck for a video explanation of induced traffic.

But for those who […]

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The futile search for “achievable alternatives”: Why the apparent solution fails

E. Washington Street in Petaluma

In my last post, I introduced a question from a correspondent about “achievable alternatives” for traffic congestion relief. The particular question pertained to the congested E. Washington Street in Petaluma and the proposed Rainier Connector that many believe would provide relief, but the question could apply to overloaded arterials […]

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Jeff Speck on induced traffic

Parisian traffic

An aspect of urbanism that I love is how the land-use pieces fit together in complex but comprehensive patterns. It’s the antithesis of drivable suburban development where houses can go in one block, retail a half-mile down the street, and an office park a couple of miles away.

In urbanism, the pieces […]

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City Repair debriefing plus notes on induced traffic, Broadway, and the movies

A tea stand, which was an early City Repair project

It’s Friday and we’re moving closer to the holiday season. No big topics today, just a grab bag of follow-ups and loose ends.

City Repair Petaluma: The long-planned City Repair Petaluma meeting was held earlier this week. Attendance was good. I counted at least […]

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You can’t go home again, part 1: Highway 97 in Bend

Head of the Metolius near Sisters, Oregon

Returning to a place once known well, and now changed in ways both big and small, can reveal new truths about the place and the observer. I was reminded of this during recent travels in the Pacific Northwest.

In past posts, I’ve made reference to my geographical […]