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StrongTowns: Overview and initial encouragement

Downtown Petaluma

When I last wrote about StrongTowns, I was still smarting that an opportunity to host a StrongTowns event had been taken from Petaluma.

I remain cantankerous on the subject. But I’ve also come to realize that the StrongTowns-inclined folks in Petaluma can use the setback as a springboard to achieve more than […]

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Not yet a critical mass, but closer

North Bay highway widening

Changes in public perception, and the resulting changes in public policy, usually don’t begin with a mass movement. Instead, they’re more like rock slides. The first sign is often only a few rocks breaking loose and clattering noisily to the valley floor, followed by more seemingly random and minor rock […]

Durable Growth

Stories from CNU 23: Infrastructure patterns, misallocated fishing piers, and the creation of funk

Main Street Gardens in Dallas

Nuts. I still can’t share the update on Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds that I’ve been promising, although progress was made over the last few days. I’ll continue to push for having something in my next post.

(For non-regular readers, I help organize a local urbanist discussion group. The members have […]

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Urbanism is tied even to a Petaluma wastewater decision

Petaluma wastewater treatment plant

Two weeks ago, a Sonoma County Superior Court judge issued a decision against the City of Petaluma. Judge Gary Nadler agreed with former City Councilmember Bryant Moynihan that Petaluma had been wrong in using wastewater maintenance funds, which are rate-funded, for stormwater maintenance needs, which are tax-funded. The story was […]