Durable Growth, Transportation

Not yet a critical mass, but closer

North Bay highway widening

Changes in public perception, and the resulting changes in public policy, usually don’t begin with a mass movement. Instead, they’re more like rock slides. The first sign is often only a few rocks breaking loose and clattering noisily to the valley floor, followed by more seemingly random and minor rock […]

Durable Growth

Five Bs leave Council Bluffs with a failing grade

Council Bluffs sidewalk detail

In “Walkable City”, author Jeff Speck writes about the failures of past urban beautification programs. He recalls “the famous ’Five Bs’ of the eighties – bricks, banners, bandstands, bollards, and berms – that now grace many an abandoned downtown.”

I smiled at the description, picturing a generic deserted downtown with […]

Durable Growth

Observations of Midwest urbanism

Vista of downtown Des Moines

I recently split a week between Omaha and Des Moines. As much as possible, I observed the current and potential urbanism of both.

Normally, I’d compare and contrast the two cities. However, the nature of the trip precluded that approach. Along with a family member, I was following a […]