Durable Growth

StrongTowns: Checking in with the source

Building detail in downtown Petaluma

In my last couple of posts (here and here), I gave a North Bay example of the StrongTowns philosophy on the long-term financial realities of infrastructure. My goal was to encourage North Bay folks, especially those in Petaluma, to attend the upcoming StrongTowns and Urban3 meetings in Santa Rosa. […]

Durable Growth

Intro to urbanism, part ten: Summing up, further reading, and an example life

Waiting for a table at a Brooklyn pizzeria

One of my favorite college memories, at least among those I can share publicly, is from my senior year. I was in the living room of my student apartment, reclining in a beanbag chair, enjoying an Oly, and listening as I copied a vinyl album onto […]

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CNU 22: Techno narcissism

Former single-family home near Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, reflecting faded urban glory of Buffalo

I returned a few days ago from CNU 22, the 22nd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. The conference was filled with urbanist ideas and will lead to many blog posts. Going to a CNU annual meeting […]

Durable Growth

James Howard Kunstler tackles Chris Christie

I’ve written before about James Howard Kunstler. He’s perhaps the nearest thing urbanism has to a rabid bulldog. I usually agree with most of what Kunstler has to say, although I often cringe at how he expresses himself. I prefer not to describe urbanism as “smart growth” for fear of appearing condescending to folks who […]