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Jane Jacobs as developer

Jacob’s Greenwich Village home

In my previous post, when I identified Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday as my topic for today, I wrote that I might have missed the milestone except for a timely reminder from a correspondent.

I was wrong. It would have been impossible to have missed the Jacobs commemoration. The many insightful […]

Durable Growth

Unintelligible caterwauling embraces urbanism

Today’s post was planned to be about the “missing middle housing” in my neighborhood, the incremental housing units that add residents, thereby supporting walkability, without detracting from the feel of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a rainstorm arrived ahead of schedule, before I could collect the final photos I planned to share. I’m not complaining about the […]

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Urbanism and gatherings of food trucks

Proposed location for The Block

I attended my first annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism back in 2013.  CNU 21 was held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, a massive and ornate hotel that tried to evoke an earlier and more elegant era of American hostelries.

Thus, I […]

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Stories from CNU 23: Sixty-eight percent versus four percent

Apartment building in downtown Dallas

I’ve previously written that I recently attended the 23rd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism.  As was also true of the previous CNU conferences I attended, CNU 23 was filled with moments of illuminating insight.

Today, I’ll begin offering a few of those gems of urbanist […]

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Induced traffic comes in different flavors

E. Washington Street in Petaluma

On several earlier occasions, I’ve written about the phenomenon of induced traffic. In one post, I used a hypothetical Yosemite campground to illustrate the theory. Several months before that, I yielded the floor to walkability expert Jeff Speck for a video explanation of induced traffic.

But for those who […]

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Intro to urbanism, part ten: Summing up, further reading, and an example life

Waiting for a table at a Brooklyn pizzeria

One of my favorite college memories, at least among those I can share publicly, is from my senior year. I was in the living room of my student apartment, reclining in a beanbag chair, enjoying an Oly, and listening as I copied a vinyl album onto […]

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Looking back and looking ahead

Downtown Petaluma

In my last post, I presented my urbanist resolution for 2015. I vowed to dig more deeply into the reasons why suburbia is failing and why urbanism is part of the solution. I understand that most readers of this blog don’t need the further explanation, but I’ll be prepared for the skeptics […]

Durable Growth

Promoting fine-grained urbanism

A few years back, I became acquainted with a Sacramento architect who was working as a project manager for a land development company. Over lunch one day, he told me about selecting architects for conceptual designs on an adjoining pair of sites owned by his company.

The development company focused on less prosperous neighborhoods, trying […]

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Promoting public safety through land-use design

Vertical mixed-use in Waynesboro, North Carolina

I’ve previously written about UrbanPlan, a program of the Urban Land Institute which introduces students to the complexities and trade-offs of land-use decisions. ULI recently updated the UrbanPlan package to include additional elements, such as green roofs, and new voices, such as aging-in-place advocates, to add to the […]

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Urban streets provide setting for human kindness

Union Square

Several years ago, my wife and I took my mother to San Francisco for a post-Christmas outing. We had an uneventful evening of shopping and dining near Union Square. At least, it was uneventful until we tried to return to the car for the drive home.

Crossing Powell Street, my mother tripped […]