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Revisiting transit integration

Petaluma Transit bus

The powers that control the ebb, flow, and cross-currents of urbanism have apparently decreed that this is my week to ponder the integration of transit systems.

Later today, I’ll participate in a subcommittee meeting of the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee. It‘ll be our final work session before an August public vetting […]


VTA’s Incredible Shrinking Bus Ridership

A bus ridership crisis at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has publicly reared its head. Gary Richards of the San Jose Mercury News reports on how VTA bus ridership has dropped 23% since 2001. Richards’ report details highlights of a presentation from worldwide transit planner Jarrett Walker detailing solutions to the bus ridership […]


Covering the transit spectrum

Petaluma Transit bus

A recent report caused me to ponder the role of transit in small towns, including Petaluma where I live. And to reject one of the lesser strategies offered by the authors.

The report was prepared under the aegis of SPUR, a San Francisco organization with a long urbanist tradition incorporating both […]

Durable Growth

Stories from CNU 23: Infrastructure patterns, misallocated fishing piers, and the creation of funk

Main Street Gardens in Dallas

Nuts. I still can’t share the update on Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds that I’ve been promising, although progress was made over the last few days. I’ll continue to push for having something in my next post.

(For non-regular readers, I help organize a local urbanist discussion group. The members have […]