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CNU 24: Best moments, part 4

Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit on a quiet Saturday morning

I’ll return today to CNU 24, the annual gathering of the Congress for the New Urbanism recently conducted in Detroit. I’ve previously offered the highlights of the opening day talks by Andres Duany, in two parts, and Kaid Benfield.

Today I’ll move onto Jeff […]

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A walkable Christmas Eve

I expect the youthful Christmas Eves of many readers were much like mine.

Sleep was usually slow in arriving. Even as a six-year-old, I thought it ridiculous for our parents to expect my sister, cousins, and me to take naps so Santa Claus could make a 7pm visit to our grandparents’ house.

And wakefulness often […]

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Having a place from which to watch and to entertain the world

My wife and I bought our home a little longer than a decade ago. We loved the house from the day we first saw it, but have continued to tinker with it, making it fit our needs even better and fixing the construction defects that the seller somehow forget to mention.

Ten years, a major […]

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Calling Friday Black for a better reason

North Bay shopping center parking lot on a busy Sunday afternoon

About this time of year, perhaps a decade ago, a coworker described the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. I was puzzled by the reference. To me, Black Friday referred to the 1929 stock market crash. I assumed my coworker was mistaken.

Although […]

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Intro to urbanism, part ten: Summing up, further reading, and an example life

Waiting for a table at a Brooklyn pizzeria

One of my favorite college memories, at least among those I can share publicly, is from my senior year. I was in the living room of my student apartment, reclining in a beanbag chair, enjoying an Oly, and listening as I copied a vinyl album onto […]

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CNU 22: Bay Area takes top awards

My last few posts have been about CNU 22, the 22nd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism, which was held earlier this month. Today, I’ll turn to the Charter Awards, the recognition that CNU gives to the best urbanist efforts of the year.

Among the strengths of CNU are the freedom to […]

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CNU 22: Unfairly sniping at those who highlight the need for hard decisions

Old County Hall in Buffalo

The 70th anniversary of D-Day, the landing of the Allied troops in Normandy, was a couple of weeks ago. It was one more opportunity to marvel at the fortitude of the young men who jumped into the surf and waded toward the shore as bullets flew and friends fell.


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CNU 22: Best moments from the plenary sessions

Older homes within a walkable distance of downtown Buffalo

My recent posts have been about CNU 22, the 22nd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism. CNU 22 was held in Buffalo, New York earlier this month. Continuing the theme of the last two posts (here and here), this post will also […]

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Jeff Speck on induced traffic

Parisian traffic

An aspect of urbanism that I love is how the land-use pieces fit together in complex but comprehensive patterns. It’s the antithesis of drivable suburban development where houses can go in one block, retail a half-mile down the street, and an office park a couple of miles away.

In urbanism, the pieces […]

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The realities of reducing neighborhood speeds

Petaluma roundabout

Even if a neighborhood chooses to accept a lower speed limit, the realities of effecting that change can be daunting.

In earlier posts, I wrote that the joint use of public streets was reduced by the advent of the automobile and that some people are pushing back by proposing a maximum speed […]