Durable Growth

CNU 24: Best moments, Part 3

Downtown Detroit

Having given a pair of updates on efforts to change the political picture in my town and provided urbanist marching orders for the week, it’s time to return to the highlights of CNU 24, the annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism, held a month ago in Detroit.

I previously […]

Durable Growth

Competing for the next generation

Water Street in downtown Petaluma

Last fall, I expressed a concern that Petaluma in the North Bay wasn’t doing enough to attract young, cutting-edge professionals, the group that Richard Florida calls the “creative class”. I noted that studies are showing young people with marketable job skills are increasingly choosing where they want to live […]

Durable Growth

Urbanism gaining ground, but outcome may remain in doubt in the North Bay

Downtown Street in Chico

For the last few posts, I’ve riffed on arguments made by Jeff Speck in his book “Walkable City”. It’s been a remarkably easy way to write, because Speck offers a wealth of riff-worthy arguments.

I’ll continue on this path for today before leaving Speck for awhile. But I will return […]