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Highlighting the guideposts on the path toward a better future

Petaluma River in downtown Petaluma

The Petaluma City Council holds an annual goal-setting session, a seven-hour Saturday marathon that was conducted a few days ago.

Several Councilmembers occasionally follow this blog, but I still thought it appropriate to remind the Council about some of the goals I’ve suggested for Petaluma over past few years, […]

Durable Growth

Looking around town: Checking on continuing stories

Petaluma block party

I describe this blog as a perspective, with an urbanist eye, on land use in the entire North Bay. However, I live, work, and participate in the Petaluma community. Unless I watch myself carefully, I can easily find myself writing only about Petaluma. Lately, I haven’t been watching myself carefully.

That […]

Durable Growth

A pocket neighborhood is proposed for Petaluma

Historic home at West Street entrance to Keller Court Commons

Long-time readers should be familiar with the name Ross Chapin. Chapin is a Seattle-area architect who was a pioneer in the development of pocket neighborhoods, clusters of small-lot homes arranged in non-conventional configurations. The arrangement allows accommodation of site constraints such as topography or […]