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Planning for Reality check: Larkspur conspiracies

An apropos image from Planning for Reality

The Larkspur Landing Station Area Plan (SAP) is all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. People apparently don’t want to see any development or any changes to their community, and it looks like the development aspects of the plan are heading to the dustbin.

But there’s […]


Boost connectivity with integrated scheduling

Easy train access from the Sausalito Ferry.

The principal problem with Larkspur Ferry parking is really that it has poor connections to other modes, especially bus. Though there used to be a shuttle system in place, it didn’t do well and was cut years ago. While the Wave has taken a step toward reintroducing […]

Durable Growth

A more livable Larkspur Landing under consideration

Larkspur Ferry. By UDPSLP, on Flickr.

The reexamination of the Larkspur Landing neighborhood is proceeding apace, and the city started to consider the SMART Station Area Plan’s final documents last Tuesday. However, the forces opposed to change in Marin are mobilizing opposition already, fueled by some ill-chosen words in the IJ and ideological misgivings […]


Bike share for the ferry terminals

Bike racks on the Larkspur ferry.

Last week, Bay area Bike Share (BABS) launched to some fanfare. Caltrain commuters and residents in a few neighborhoods along the Peninsula and in San Francisco can now bike to or from transit, making the first and last mile a bit easier.

Calls for a broader bike share […]


When transit affordability and convenience are at odds

by on2wheelz, on Flickr

Last week, a Marin IJ editorial on pricing ferry parking took a cautious note. “The bridge board needs to maintain a focus on keeping the ferry affordable to all and a convenient and dependable way to get to and from work.” The IJ is concerned that charging for parking will […]


In Larkspur, a second chance to do SMART right

The original plan for an elevated station. Image from SMART.

While Sonoma gets to reap the benefits of SMART, including a $15 million expansion of the IOS to the Santa Rosa Airport, Marin’s commuting public rightly grouses that it doesn’t serve their needs. Yet by ignoring Larkspur Landing for now, SMART has a chance […]