Four rail concepts to stitch the Bay Area together

The Bay Area is a sprawling region, no doubt about it. It stretches from Napa Valley to Silicon Valley, Pacific Ocean to Sacramento River Delta, is nearly as large as New Jersey or Cyprus. Yet this size means its various economies are disconnected to such a degree that the Census Bureau has split it into […]


A new 101 map for a revised system

In case you missed it, Marin Transit, in partnership with Golden Gate Transit, has made some changes to Marin’s bus system. The changes to existing routes saved enough money that they were able to add about 15,000 more service-hours to the system, meaning people around the county have better transit.

The changes inspired a second […]


Map of GGT’s 101 bus lines

Despite being central to Marin’s transit system, neither GGT nor its partner Marin Transit have posted a comprehensive map of the Highway 101 trunk line and its extensive bus pad system. About seven months ago, I decided it was time to make one of these.

The full map. Click for a larger image, and […]