The Muir Woods Shuttle lives for Thanksgiving

Image from POP1963 on Flickr

A major success story in Marin has been the Muir Woods Shuttle, also known as Route 66. Ridership is up dramatically from last year, and its newly-released winter schedule means it will continue to be a better way to see the woods. Even better? The 66F variant will connect […]


A new 101 map for a revised system

In case you missed it, Marin Transit, in partnership with Golden Gate Transit, has made some changes to Marin’s bus system. The changes to existing routes saved enough money that they were able to add about 15,000 more service-hours to the system, meaning people around the county have better transit.

The changes inspired a second […]


Proposed Marin Transit signage a step forward

Bus stop signage is an important part of the transit landscape. It can offer a window into the often-opaque routes and numbers that can mislead or confuse inexperienced riders. To help make Marin Transit stops more accessible to the casual rider, MT has proposed a new set of signs for its shuttle stops, and the […]