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Anti-smart growth advocate defends urbanism

Zoning in San Rafael. Each color has a precise government-approved list of acceptable and unacceptable uses. Free market indeed! Image from MarinMap.

It’s not often you’ll find people arguing against smart growth while also arguing for urbanism. When it happens, one wonders if it was a mistake. That seems to be the case with […]

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Supply, meet demand: Lessons in housing from the DC region

Holdout by mj*laflaca, on Flickr

Rising rents have led to much consternation in San Francisco. People are outraged as luxury developments displace the poor from their homes, disrupting communities and threatening the very character of the City.

SPUR caused a stir by suggesting that adding more housing could slow, or even stop, the rise. […]

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Why urbanism matters

Balshaw Bridge in downtown Petaluma

I just recently passed the 18-month anniversary of writing this blog. I continue to enjoy the task and have no plans to stop. But I must occasionally recharge my batteries by reminding myself why urbanism is important.

So, today’s post will be about the top five reasons why urbanism […]