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Moving forward after the vote

At long last, Election Day has come and gone. The decisions with which we must live for the next few years have been made. It’s time to ponder the next steps, particularly with regard to the tax measures that were proposed to pull our cities back from the brink of fiscal breakdown.

Once again, I’ll […]

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No matter who designs it, the sack won’t be big enough

Heavily patched Petaluma street

With the election looming today, I’ll offer yet one more perspective on Petaluma’s Measure Q, the proposed one percent sales tax measure that would run into perpetuity. I apologize for my continued focus on Measure Q instead of touching upon other tax measures in the region, but I’m in a […]

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Petaluma’s Measure Q: The argument over government efficiency

Downtown Petaluma

My last two posts have been about Measure Q, which will be on the Petaluma ballot this fall. It’s a sales tax measure intended to address the municipal budgetary issues lingering after the great recession. There are many similar tax measures on ballots across the country, so in writing about Measure Q, […]

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Petaluma’s Measure Q: The arguments roll in

Typical suburban arterial

In my last post, I wrote about my reasons for supporting Measure Q in Petaluma, a sales tax measure intended to replenish municipal coffers after the great recession. I suggested that my distant roots in Puritanism may induce me to insist on paying my own way, rather than transferring the costs […]

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We built this stuff, we really should take care of it

Replica of the Pilgrims’ Mayflower in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

When I was a young engineer, long before the days of electronic communication, I often found myself giving my name when leaving a message. If the person taking the message was of a certain age, let’s say at least two decades older than me, the response […]