Durable Growth, Transportation

Steps forward and back in Bay Area parking policy

Circling for parking in downtown Palo Alto. Image by guilherme-pg on Flickr

Parking is one of the lynchpin issues of urban design, and probably the one that gets peoples’ blood pumping fastest. So it’s no surprise that any parking news hits headlines, as it has in a scattering of cities around the region. And, […]


Menlo Park denied grade-separation planning funds

Menlo Park Station by lazytom, on Flickr

In the midst of preparations for high-speed rail, towns and cities along the Peninsula are lining up to grade-separate their bit of Caltrain track. San Mateo, Burlingame, and South San Francisco are all moving forward with plans, and all are getting county help. But in Menlo Park, […]

Durable Growth

The Facebook development in Menlo Park offers lessons for corporate developers

Employees of Facebook will soon get the option of living near the office, thanks to some new housing helped along by Facebook in Menlo Park. The development, called Anton Menlo, is rightly turning heads across the country. Is this going to be a new model for corporate homebuilding?

Greater Greater Washington, in DC, published the […]