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The injustice of bundled parking

Just a few million dollars here.

The other day, we looked at a new apartment building proposed for downtown San Rafael with mindbogglingly expensive parking and tried to determine how the project could be improved. One big way that deserves a second look is allowing people to rent parking spots and apartments separately.

Thanks […]

Durable Growth

New apartments coming to San Rafael with some very expensive parking

Where the new homes will be.

On Wednesday, news broke that San Rafael could soon find itself home to another 162 households, thanks to a proposed redevelopment of the Third Street garage and a couple one-story buildings nearby. This is the kind of development San Rafael needs more of, and a uniquely expensive parking […]

Durable Growth

Not what the Rolling Stones meant by “Paint It Black”

Typical four-lane arterial

Until the final battle was lost in the last few months, the City of Petaluma had engaged in a long war against asphalt, or at least the production of asphalt.

At issue was a proposed asphalt plant near the south edge of town, along Petaluma Boulevard South near the first freeway […]