Durable Growth

Stories from CNU 23: Sixty-eight percent versus four percent

Apartment building in downtown Dallas

I’ve previously written that I recently attended the 23rd annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism.  As was also true of the previous CNU conferences I attended, CNU 23 was filled with moments of illuminating insight.

Today, I’ll begin offering a few of those gems of urbanist […]

Durable Growth

Mixed-use Is a fine idea, but quality still matters

Mixed-use development to promote opportunities for walkable lives is a fine idea and worthy of praise. (Mixed use development as a small dental office above a sprawling strip mall in the name of complying with the letter, but not the spirit, of a zoning code is an abomination that needn’t be mentioned further.)

But merely […]

Durable Growth

You can’t go home again, part 3: Missed opportunities

Old Mill District with historical smokestacks

I recently traveled to the Pacific Northwest where I once lived for eighteen years. The trip allowed me to observe how urbanism has advanced, or failed to advance, in several communities that I knew well once upon a time. I’m distilling my insights into a series of “observations”, […]