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CNU 24: Best moments, part 2

Lobby of Detroit’s Guardian Building

When I last wrote about the best quotes from CNU 24, the annual conference of the Congress for the New Urbanism recently conducted in Detroit, I thought I had covered the entirety of the first day speech by Andres Duany. I should have looked on the back of my […]

Durable Growth

Link-Fest: Why urbanism?

College Town near Iowa State campus in Ames. Iowa

In my last post, I wrote about making adjustments in the content of these posts.  My goal was to reduce my time spent in writing and editing, while hopefully still encouraging readers to advocate for a more urbanist future.  A regular correspondent wrote to ask […]

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Affording a $400 sidewalk repair

(Note: If the message below seems familiar, it may be because I wrote on the same subject a couple of months back. But new and better targeted quotes have come across my desk that allow me to make the point more effectively. Perhaps it’s intellectually lazy, but some days are like that.)

Today begins with […]

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Looking where StrongTowns points to spot a rara avis

Hays. Kansas

Those who have spoken with me about municipal government have likely heard one of my favorite sayings, “If your city manager and planning director aren’t at risk of being fired at least once a year, they’re not doing enough to make your city a better place.”

Like most good aphorisms, it contains […]


Can government be more efficient?

Howard Jarvis. Image from Time, cover by John G. Zimmerman

In my last post, I mused about the role of Howard Jarvis in the taxpayer revolt of the late 1970s and 1980s. I expressed the opinion that Jarvis had been too quick to believe that government was flawed and had failed to consider another […]

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Municipal ledgers remain in critical condition

If Petaluma is an example, and I expect it is, municipal budgets have improved. However, significant travails are still to come, perhaps as severe as those recently experienced. It should be a signal that urbanism is increasingly needed, but too few decision-makers are grasping the message.

In a common municipal practice, the Petaluma City Council […]