Durable Growth

Cities aren’t quiet places

8th Avenue hotel room

I made my first trip into Manhattan in 2008. It was an overnight stop in the middle of a once-over-lightly tour of east coast metropolises, traveling from Boston to New York to Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. and then back north again.

I was traveling alone, by train and with one […]

Durable Growth

Micro-apartments revisited

Street of micro-apartments in Venice, Italy

Nearly eighteen months ago, I took a look at “micro-apartments”, which can be roughly described as apartments of 300 square feet or less. Single-occupancy seems the most likely use of such small apartments, although some jurisdictions, by putting an occupancy cap of two people on the units, acknowledge […]

Durable Growth

A city trying to rediscover happiness

Historic Buffalo

Leo Tolstoy’s most famous quote may be “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” (For those who haven’t studied Russian literature, it’s the first line in “Anna Karenina”.)

In the forty years since I first read that line, I’ve found it to be usually […]